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Life After Death - A set of pages summarising some of the evidence for survival of the soul and consciousness after physical death:

Towards the restoration of an evidence-based spirituality, without dogma

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11: About Me

"By ignorance we mistake, and by mistakes we learn" - Anonymous

My name is Rodney Wilson. I am a retired patent attorney living in Auckland, New Zealand. I have also created a couple of other web sites:

I retired a little earlier than I had expected, as the result of Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome, following a bout of swine flu that I managed to bring home with me from a trip to China. This left me in a condition where the act of just going to work would have been sufficient to exhaust me, so that I could not do anything. So, I retired. But, rather than sitting at home doing nothing, I have engaged in a number of light tasks, and the creation of this web site was one of them.

If you wish to contact me directly, you can use the Mind Drifter blog page

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  2. My own experience
  3. Near Death Experiences
  4. Astral Projection
  5. Communication from the Other Side
  6. Reincarnation
  7. Hypnotic Regression
  8. Other sources
  9. What is Going On?
  10. Materialists & Sceptics
  11. About Me
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