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Life After Death - A set of pages summarising some of the evidence for survival of the soul and consciousness after physical death:

Towards the restoration of an evidence-based spirituality, without dogma

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5: Communication from the Dead

"Without communication with the dead, a fully human life is not possible." - W.H. Auden

As I mentioned in the introduction page, personal communication from the dead is one of the phenomena that has made the reality of the afterlife incontrovertibly proven for me, but the communications I had were entirely personal to me, and are not absolute proof for anybody else.

However, there are others whose communications from the other side are more persuasive than mine. There are, for example, recordings of non-physical voices:

Here is a 90-minute, 9-part documentary called Life Afterlife, again featuring the ubiquitous afterlife denier. Paul Kurtz, together with Sherwin B. Nuland, offering nothing more than materialistically-biased speculation against the evidence presented in the documentary that points towards communication from the dead. Nuland, like many other materialists, postulates to a "psychological need to believe in survival" that somehow creates the evidence, but does not give any explanation for how the evidence is so convincing to those who are surprised by it. It would be just as easy to postulate that afterlife denial by the likes of Kurtz and Nuland is also the result of a psychological need to believe that this material world is all that there is. Kurtz also cites the favourite materialist argument against psychics and mediums, that of “cold reading”. But a medium that comes up with specific events and specific names without asking the client for clues must be a particularly skilled “cold reader”.

This is particularly illustrated by Australian Victor Zammit in his account of James Randi on the US-based Larry King Show. Look for yourself. If you look around on Victor Zammit's site you will find other videos of mediums, such as the Scot Gordon Smith, clearly not using cold reading. Others, such as John Edward, can be found doing the same if you do a search for them on YouTube.

The Spiritualist Movement in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century caught the attention of a number of distinguished thinkers and scientists, but was then called into disrepute by the actions of a few charlatans (including the famous illusionist Harry Houdini) who had used trickery to achieve many similar effects. Many people then assumed that all such efects had been produced by similar trickery, and the movement's popularity declined markedly. However, such people as the writer Arthur Conan Doyle, and physicists William Crookes and Sir Oliver Lodge, all of whom had extensively investigated the phenomena for themselves, remained convinced that in many instances charlatinism was not a viable explanation. Many who have studied the phenomena for themselves since have come to the same conclusion, while armchair critics who have not done their own investigations blithely continue to spout the popular view that it is all charlatanism. Crookes, in particular, vigorously and successfully defended himself against all accusations made against the validity of his work, and such accusations have become accepted only because they have been oft-repeated since his death, when he was not around to refute them personally.

In the cases of such mediums as Lenora Piper, Eileen Garrett and Gladys Leonard, those who were close to them, and saw first hand what they were able to do, were convinced of their genuineness, and only the armchair critics pontificating from a distance were able to speculate that they "must have been" cold reading.

The case for the validity of spiritualist phenomena is made much more strongly on Victor Zammit's website, and so I will let you follow his lines of evidence there, rather than regurgitate them all here.

A perusal of the Windbridge Institute website will provide information on modern scientific examination of spiritual mediums that should be disheartening to the confirmed sceptic. It is impossible not to be impressed by the work they are doing.

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