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Life After Death - A set of pages summarising some of the evidence for survival of the soul and consciousness after physical death:

Towards the restoration of an evidence-based spirituality, without dogma

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6: Reincarnation

"It is no more surprising to be born twice than to be born once: everything in nature is resurrection." - Voltaire

Life is a cycle. That is why we talk of lifecycles. The great thing about cycles is that they come around again. It is natural.

The whole exercise leading to the creation of this set of webpages began when I started to Google the phrase "reincarnation evidence". There I quickly found the case of James Leininger, born in 1998, and who as a young boy provided enough details to enable himself to be identified as the American fighter pilot James Huston, Jr, who was shot down in a Corsair in the battle of Iwo Jima in 1945. His story has been told:

  1. 1, on web pages on the IISIS web site and the Past Life Forum;
  2. 2, In a book: Soul Survivor (and Amazon have provided a link to a video on this page, under the heading: "Check Out Related Media"); and
  3. 3. On Youtube and here too

Included in the YouTube clip is an excerpt from an interview from Paul Kurtz (founder of the pro-materialist Council for Secular Humanism) clutching at straws to try to rationalise the story away.

James Leininger’s particular story is by itself pretty strong evidence for the reality of survival of physical death. Any materialist who wishes to continue to deny the existence of real evidence for the afterlife will have to do a lot better than Paul Kurtz did in attempting to hypothesise this one away, let alone actually prove it false. And not until it is proven false can anyone say that it is not evidence.

Dr Ian Stevenson documented about three thousand similar cases, and wrote about them in his books (See his Wikipedia entry, and another web page here). However, he did his work in an era before the advent of YouTube, meaning that his stories were less compellingly portrayed, and so it has been easier for the armchair critics sitting some distance away to find imaginary and speculative holes in his evidence, (such as claims of collusion between the child’s current and previous families to "concoct" the stories, despite the lack of any evidence that this actually happened) causing sceptics to feel justified in dismissing the whole collection. It is amazing how often amateur critics some distance from an event will claim for themselves greater insight than was available to the expert who was on the spot!

Similar stories are nowadays being collected by Carol Bowman of the Past Life Center in Pennsylvania, and many, just as compelling as James Leininger’s story, are published in the web site, and so it is becoming much more difficult now for the armchair critics to dismiss them as fantasy or fraud.

A woman in the Netherlands, Katinka Hesselink, has also collected various forms of reincarnation evidence in a page of her much larger web site.

A useful website describing scientific experimentation and research into the subject of reincarnation is the Reincarnation Experiment site.

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